• What has changed from 2016?

For the past few seasons, we have received feedback from our season ticket holders on how we can improve their game-day experience. We have heard you loud and clear.
With demand for premium seating on the rise, we are adding thousands of club seats in sections 108-112, 209-211, and 127-131. Chair-back seats with cup-holders, outdoor club lounges with TV’s and access to purchase beer and wine are just some of the enhanced amenities that are being added.
We are also introducing Field Cabanas in both end zones. The Field Cabanas will offer a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else in college football. The immediate interest in Field Cabanas was overwhelming. We’ve already sold out of the south end zone Field Cabanas and have made more available in the north end zone.
The Knightmare Student Section is also being enhanced to bring them closer to the field in both end zones, which will greatly enhance the in-stadium atmosphere. For more details on all the upgrades, please visit The Enhancements section of this website.
For the first time since 2009, we will host seven home games. Moving forward, our home football scheduling philosophy will center on playing seven home games whenever possible.

  • Why is UCF implementing the per-seat donation?

Previously, UCF was one of only a few schools in the Power 6 that did not participate in a “per-seat” priority-seating program. UCF has switched to a per-seat donation instead of one-donation per-four (4) seats, to simplify the pricing model and provide a more equitable system. The change also allows new season ticket holders to purchase available donation-required seats online, making it easier for new season ticket-buyers to engage. This was not an option for new ticket buyers under the previous model. All these donations go toward the GKC.

  • How were the per seat donation requirements developed?

UCF Athletics has studied the per-seat donation model for the past few years with the goal of determining the correct market value of seats in each section of the stadium. We believe this will help encourage increased attendance, while also increasing the financial support for our program.
We also reviewed the pricing from 2009 — the last time we played 7 home games. Please click here to see that price-per-seat comparison.
In addition to extensive study of this model, UCF Athletics held focus groups among many of its key constituencies to add to its decision-making process.

  • Why has my donation increased?

Your donation is now based on a per-seat model., Depending on the number of seats you would like to purchase and where you would like to sit, you will likely see a different donation amount than in the past. Some areas were reduced in price and some were increased.
Pricing adjustments were made based on a number of factors, including the number of home games (7 home games moving forward, compared to 6 home games in 2016), enhanced amenities and features, supply and demand in various sections, etc.

  • I have been a season ticket holder for many years. How does my loyalty affect my ability to purchase tickets, parking, etc.?

Your loyalty and support have been a key to our success and growth and we can’t thank you enough. The GKC Priority Point System rewards all season ticket holders and donors with priority points for their history of support though purchasing season tickets and making charitable gifts to UCF Athletics. This has not changed.
Your cumulative point total is used to determine seating priority, as well as post season and away game ticket allocation. To learn more about the GKC Priority Point System, please visit UCF Priority Points.

  • What is the process to acquire seats for the 2017 season?

You will receive an electronic fan statement to renew your current season tickets by early February. Keep an eye on your email inbox! Hard copies of the fan statement will ship via USPS in early February, as well. You will have until March 1st to renew your current seats, either by paying in full or setting up a payment plan. If you would like to change your seating location or view other options in your section, please contact us at goldenknightsclub@athletics.ucf.edu or call 407-823-1000.

  • Are there seat locations that do not require a GKC donation?

Yes. Many sections do not require a GKC contribution. However, please keep in mind that your support of UCF Athletics through your GKC donations helps provide the necessary resources to fund student-athlete scholarships and to compete for championships. Donations made through the GKC are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
Your contributions will also apply to GKC benefits, including parking passes and post season ticket priority. 2017 football season ticket pricing map is found here.

  • How do I change my parking for the 2017 season?

Parking passes are one of the benefits of your GKC level of giving. To view the 2017 parking map please click here. To request a parking change, please contact us via email at goldenknightsclub@athletics.ucf.edu or by phone at 407-823-1000.

  • What special benefits are offered through my donation?

In addition to investing in the lives of UCF student-athletes, GKC members receive benefits such as access to seating in donation-required sections, parking passes and event invitations. To see a full list of GKC benefits, click here.

  • For many years, I have purchased season tickets through my friend. How do I get priority point credit for my years of purchasing season tickets?

Unfortunately, since those tickets were purchased under your friend’s account, the priority points earned from these years have been credited to your friend. GKC Priority Points are not transferable (except to a surviving spouse).

  • How do I transfer tickets into another person’s name?

The first right of refusal for your season tickets can be transferred to another individual. With the launch of the Rise and Conquer Initiative, there is a one-time complimentary season ticket transfer of seats to another individual. Click here to download the Season Ticket Transfer Form.

  • How does this affect basketball season tickets?

There will be a separate per-seat donation required for basketball season tickets. Details on basketball tickets and donation levels will be coming soon.

  • I donate to other areas at UCF. Do those gifts count towards the GKC per seat donation amount?

No. Only donations directed to the GKC Annual Fund count toward the per-seat donations and annual GKC membership benefits.

  • Why has the student section moved?

The Knightmare is the heartbeat of the stadium. Students in both end zones will enhance the atmosphere by and will allow more of our students to sit closer to the field. It also gives us a competitive advantage. When our opponents are on offense, they will be staring into the face of the Knightmare going either direction. The majority of the student section will now be closer to the Student Entrance Gates on the north side of the stadium. The student section will remain at 12,000 seats.

  • Has the Parking Policy changed this season?

Yes. Your GKC contributions will still count toward parking in the new per-seat model. However, only one (1) parking pass will be available per ticket account. One (1) additional parking pass can be acquired with an additional donation. Similar to past years, meeting the minimum donation level does not guarantee parking in a particular lot as all lots are based on availability. For more information on parking, please contact us via email at goldenknightsclub@athletics.ucf.edu or by phone at 407-823-1000.

  • Do you offer a Payment Plan to pay for my Seats and Donation?

Yes. We offer an interest-free payment plan. We will accept your first payment at the time of renewal and a payment each month on the first of the month through July. You can sign up for a payment plan once you receive your invoice in early February.

  • What Options are there if I do not want to sit in the new club areas?

We have many options for you based on the unique experience you want. There are numerous options as low as $250 in sections on the sidelines outside the clubs if you are looking for the best sideline locations. If you are looking for the most economical seating, there are several options for you. The lowest priced season ticket is still $99 – the same price as last season — even with the addition of a seventh home game. We also have season tickets available in the south end zone for only $120, with a great view of the video board. We have a Family Plan that includes four tickets at a significant discount. Discounts for Young Alumni who graduated in 2013-2017 are also available.

  • What if I purchase tickets and I am unable to attend the game?

UCF Athletics has a no refund / no exchange policy. Times and dates are subject to change. If you are unable to attend a game, you can resell your tickets, email tickets to a friend or donate them to charity using your Account Manager.